Service Standards


  • Safety and quality are our No 1 priorities- controlled by permanent audits.
  • Our staff NEVER SAY NO, ALWAYS look for a way or solution for the customer ̈ Yes, we can ̈.
  • Always respond immediately to customer requests (maximum time to respond 2 Hours) and give a date for providing the requested information.
  • Answer your phone, call back on voice mails/ whatsapp within 2 hours.
  • When we promise something, we always promise with a date for delivery.
  • Never break your promise, keep commitment and keep promised dates.
  • DO NOT communicate problems ONLY solutions.
  • DO BAD NEWS or comments only if approved by the CEO.
  • HELICORP must be available to provide support 24/7.
  • Establish clear lines of communication that will be used to provide a better service.
  • In case of ABSENCE send an email indicating the date of absence, reason and attach medical evidence if applicable. The email must be sent to the Maintenance Director, CEO, Manager Assistant and Accountant Department.
  • Always be HONEST and take responsibility for your Acts.
  • If you make a mistake, contact your Supervisor or the Maintenance Director immediately to solve it.
  • Listen to the customers and try also understand their position.
  • Establish personal contact with the customer as far as reasonable.
  • Transparency of work in process, provide visibility and daily updates. If there are additional findings, to inform the Maintenance Director so that he can communicate it to the customer.
  • ALWAYS provide the quotes requested by the customers (within 24 Hours after the client’s request). Give constant follow-up by phone and mail after 2 days of sent the quote.
  • Go the Extra mile, EXCEED EXPECTATIONS!!
  • Show Team Work HELICORP has motivated team is well trained and qualified.
  • Costumer feedback – Contact customers 2 days after the aircraft left the hangar.
  • Be proud of your work, your team and your facility.